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sandwich plate throttle valve Z2FS10

  • DB(W) Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve

    Contact NowDB(W) Pilot Operated Pressure Relief ValvePressure relief valve, pilot operated, types DB/DBW. .. L5X The types DB and DBW pressure valves are pilot operated pressure relief valves, used to limit (DB) or limit and unload (DBW) the pressure via solenoid operating....Read More

  • Z2S16 Pilot Operated Check Valve

    Contact NowZ2S16 Pilot Operated Check ValveHydraulic pilot operated check valves type Z2S16 are sandwich plate design. They are used for the leakage-free closure of one or two service ports, even for long periods of time. Free flow occurs from A1 to A2 or B1 to B2...Read More

  • Z2FS10 Double Throttle Check Valve

    Contact NowZ2FS10 Double Throttle Check ValveDouble throttle/check valve type Z2FS…30 Valve type Z2FS is a double throttle/check valve with sandwich plate structure. It is used to control the flow by changing the throttling. In the opposite direction, fluid flow freely via check valve. For Z2FS 10, depending on the installation position,...Read More

  • DR Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve

    Contact NowDR Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing ValvePilot operated pressure reducing valves type DR ... L5X Pressure control valves type DR series L5X are pilot operated pressure reducing valves. They are used to control secondary circuit in a system...Read More