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What Is The Pressure Control Of The Hydraulic Valve?

Hydraulic valve In the use of the process if the use can be effectively divided into reversing valve and one-way valve, the latter in the process of operation only allow the fluid in the pipeline to reverse-cut, the former can effectively change the hydraulic valve different lines of the connection between the relationship.

The hydraulic valve is effective according to its valve core in the valve body the working position number divides into two, three-bit, equipment can be controlled according to the number of channels effectively divided into two, three-way, four-pass, five-pass, and so on, according to the valve-core driving mode of breaking up, mobile, electric, fluid and so on.

The pressure and flow of the hydraulic valve output can change with the input signal continuously, the electro-hydraulic proportional control valve is effective according to the function, the corresponding is divided into the electro-hydraulic proportional pressure control hydraulic valve, the electro-hydraulic proportional directional control valve and the electro-hydraulic proportional flow control valve and so on.

The hydraulic valve effectively adjusts the throttle area between the valve core and the valve body, and the amount of the local resistance that it produces, which can effectively control the speed of the actuator.

The throttle valve in the hydraulic valve is adjusted to the throttle orifice area, can effectively make the load pressure change is not high and the motion uniformity requirements of the executive components of the speed of the basic to maintain its stability, speed control valve is in the load pressure change is able to maintain the throttle valve import and export pressure difference is fixed value.

Hydraulic valve in the throttle area after the adjustment, no matter how the load pressure, its speed control valve can be very good to maintain the flow through the throttle valve unchanged, so that the speed of the movement of components can be carried out temperature.