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What Is Principle And Classification Of Proportional Valve

Proportional control valves are mainly used in open-loop control (openloopcontrol), proportional control valve output with the input signal is proportional and proportional control valve solenoid the magnetic force produced by size is proportional to the current.

In the traditional type of hydraulic control valves, only fixed value control of hydraulic, for example: move under a set pressure of pressure valve, flow valve to maintain the set flow rate, directional valve for fluid flow direction on/off switch. So the system control valve functions are subject to some restrictions, along with advances in technology, many of the required flow rate and pressure of the hydraulic system can continuously or changes in proportion to the control valve input signal changes. Hydraulic servo systems are able to meet their requirements, and high precision, but for most of the industry, they do not require systems to have such a high quality, but in conditions of guarantee performance and low price, reliable, easy to maintain, so proportional control valve was developed in that context.

Proportional control valves can be divided into the pressure control valves, directional control valves and flow control in three categories.

Pressure control valve: replace guide with proportional solenoid valve relief valve manually plant would be guided proportional relief valve, its hydraulic output pressure is controlled by an input signal is continuous or proportionately.

Flow control valve: replaced with proportional solenoid valve throttle valve or speed control valve manual adjustment device and the input signal control throttle valve or throttle speed control valve opening and continuous or proportionately to control its output. Throttle opening is determined by the voltage input signal.

Direction control valve: proportion electromagnetic valve replaced direction valve of General electromagnetic valve constitute straight moving type proportion direction valve, its sliding axis not only can for bit, and for bit of trip can continuous or by proportion to changes, thus connected oil mouth between of pass oil area also can continuous or by proportion to changes, so proportion direction control valve not only can control implementation components of movement direction outside, also can control its speed.