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What Do The Symptoms Of The Hydraulic Valve Do Not Work?

Hydraulic valve is a part of the valve collectively, it can be divided into a number of categories below, the basic principle of hydraulic valve: the use of spool in the valve body for relative movement to control the valve port off and the size of the valve port to achieve pressure, Flow and direction of the control; and flow through the valve port and the valve port before and after the pressure difference and the valve area, always meet the pressure flow equation.

Hydraulic valve on the body of a few mothers, a lot of people do not know what meaning? The following explanation: ABPTXY these letters are oil signs: A, B is connected to the oil outlet, P is the pressure oil supply, T is oil, X control oil (pilot oil) pressure oil, Y is the control oil (Lead oil) of the oil.

Free to smoke can smoke, to each of the mouth of the hydraulic valve spit out to see from which mouth out, so after moving the spool, and then try! You can understand how the hydraulic valve and the action of the road.

Hydraulic valve in the course of the work will appear card valve, no pressure or pressure relief, etc., is the common symptoms of the system, like hydraulic valve components of the pollution wear: various pollutants in the oil caused by various forms of wear and tear Particles into the movement of the gap, the parts of the surface to produce cutting wear or fatigue wear. The solid particles in the high-speed liquid flow cause erosion wear on the surface of the component. Oil and oil in the oil oxidation of deterioration of the product on the component corrosion. In addition, the air in the system's oil causes cavitation, leading to surface erosion and damage.

Hydraulic valve components are clogged and jammed Faults: solid particles block the gap and orifice of the hydraulic valve, causing the spool to block and jam, affecting work performance and even causing serious accidents. In fact, is not the valve problem, but the oil pollution and pipeline pollution caused.

The system to accelerate the deterioration of oil performance: oil and water in the air is the main condition of oil oxidation, and oil in the metal particles on the oil oxidation plays an important catalytic role, in addition, the oil Water and suspended bubbles significantly reduce the strength of the oil film between the movement and reduce the lubricity. So the hydraulic valve is not working properly there are many reasons.