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What Are The Main Parts Of The Electric Hydraulic Pump Inspection Work?

In order to ensure the normal use of electric hydraulic pump, we need to check its components. The purpose of this is to reduce the failure rate and reduce maintenance costs. So what parts are the main checks? What is the inspection work?

General inspection of the electric hydraulic pump, you need to check the following: 1. Check whether the temperature of the oil within the allowable range, the hydraulic system transformation when there is no high-frequency vibration; 2. Check the hydraulic cylinder to move when the normal smooth, 3, check the hydraulic valve, hydraulic cylinder and pipe joints are leaked; 4. Check the hydraulic valve, hydraulic cylinder and pipe joints at whether there is leakage; Check whether the hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor running abnormal noise and other phenomena.

For these work needs to check in place, so as to ensure the normal use of electric hydraulic pump, reduce the failure rate, improve work efficiency.

Electric hydraulic pump is a constant use of our hydraulic machinery and equipment, novice in the use of electric hydraulic pump to pay attention to some problems, to avoid improper operation will damage the normal use of electric hydraulic pump.

The factory production of this electric hydraulic pump flow uniform, smooth operation, low noise, working pressure and volumetric efficiency than the gear pump, the structure is more complex than the gear pump. Hydraulic pump to provide the role of pressurized liquid is very good, but we should pay attention to certain problems when used.

Before using the electric hydraulic pump, check the voltage of the unit and check whether the plug is connected to the socket. Connect the high pressure tubing to the connector of the unit and the other end to the type of tool you need. And please note that the two ends of the quick connector is locked in place, you must fast joints in the end, in the absence of loosening under the premise of screwed into the jacket nut.