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Valve Market Obstacles

2016 the bellows valve market picked up it makes a lot of bellows valve manufacturers see opportunities have all moved to bellows valve industry. Also make bellows valve manufacturers increased competition in China, has a certain universal and representative.
⑴ brand loyalty. Through long-term advertising or customer service built up the bellows valve product image or brand loyalty, is a potential competitor into the bellows valve industry one of the main obstacles. In particular, ball valves, bellows valves, globe valve or butterfly valve manufacturers, new entrants to the bellows valve industry suppliers have to spend a lot of investment and time to overcome the original customer brand loyalty, set up their own gate valve of the corrugated pipe products (or brands).
⑵ distribution channels. Distribution channels can also be an important barrier to bellows valve industry. Like, a new of corrugated tube gate production enterprise, he must through price folding let, and advertising publicity or large marketing promotion activities, is may squeeze off existing competitors of corrugated tube Gate products, can funding using of points pin channel more less, or existing competitors on points pin channel control more tight, into corrugated tube gate industry of obstacles more high, new into corrugated tube gate industry of manufacturers even had to start, from scratch began established himself of points pin channel.
C capital requirements. Enter the gate valve of the corrugated pipe industry funding requirements, including not only factory equipment and other fixed capital investment, including consumer credit, bellows valve product inventory and liquidity needs such as business losses; not only productive resources, but also requires a lot of capital, for bellows valve product research and development, advertising and corporate communications, and so on. Bellows valve, large-diameter valve, American standard ball valve or WJ41H stop valve of the corrugated pipe and other such companies, capital requirements are major obstacles to enter the bellows valve industry.
D economies of scale. Scale include the gate valve of the corrugated pipe production, research and development, marketing and after-sales service aspects. It is important for potential competitors to enter the bellows valve industry barriers, the economies of scale of the industry is to request the entry of new suppliers and existing manufacturers the same scale of production and operation, otherwise it will face a competitive disadvantage on production or marketing costs.