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Valve Malfunction And Reason Analysis

Control valve may cause the following failures:
1, valve stem deformation due to improper transportation or use of conditions not (pressure difference is outside the allowed range) caused by excessive leakage. Due to lack of forces. Or impurities deposited on the sealing surface of the valve core and valve seat fits destruction.
2, the valve body and bonnet, or the bonnet and stem joint is not tight. Because improper parts tension, or the selected packing unsuitable working conditions.
3, the valve core (or butterfly-valve valve plate) guidance system wear. Due to the pressure difference caused by large and powerful role.

Regulating valves main components:
1, the valve body: the wall should always check the valve body from corrosion and wear, particularly for corrosive media and high differential pressure and cavitation under extreme process conditions such as valve, to ensuring its compressive strength and corrosion-resistance and wear resistance.
2, valve: valve core to play a role in regulating and cutting fluids, closure element is active, therefore subject to erosion, corrosion, particle of the medium's most serious collision, in the case of differential pressure and air are more likely to damage, so check the parts for any damage, wear, corrosion, whether to repair or replace.
3, seat: seat joints is key to ensure the valve is closed, it is subject to rot by grinding the situation is more serious. But due to the pervasive media, fixed in the threads of the valve seat surfaces are often eroded and loosened, to check this site.
4, the valve stem: to check the valve stem and valve core, push the connection loose, producing too much distortion, cracks and corrosion.
5, packing: check whether the Teflon or other filler, oil scarcity, deterioration of aging, filling pressure.
6, gaskets and o-rings: these wearing parts are not damaged, aging.