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Valve Industry Should Enhance The Anti-risk Ability

Ball valves profession for labour-intensive industries in China. At home in the outlet ball valve, labor-intensive ball valve will still dominate the fairly long period of time, and should also see for a variety of reasons, labour-intensive export advantage of ball valve products is slowly weakening. Domestic valve industries want to have long-term development, we must adjust and optimize the industrial structure, it is necessary to continue to give full play to advantages of the traditional ball valve industry, and develop knowledge-and technology-intensive industries and emerging industries to drive the ball valve industrial upgrading. Only in this way, as soon as possible to shorten the gap between the domestic valve industries in developed countries.
Currently, China ball valve industry also is to volume of expansion mainly, formed has in international market in the same level Shang of excessive competition, to change this a development way, will insisted innovation of concept, in ball valve development and technology aspects innovation, can active and research units, and University for joint, common development new products project, efforts develop both at home and abroad market, then overcome number type growth, upgrade products grade, improve ball valve of added value, focused on independent brand construction, To improve our ball valve position of enterprises in the global division of labor, and improve the ability to resist risks and their "bargain" ability, and to enhance the sustainable development of ball valves profession competitive power.
At present lack of expertise has become the bottleneck of ball valves for further development of the industry in China, and this will affect China's valve industry's international competitiveness. To resolve this problem, you can take the combination of internal development and external introduction of road. On one hand, could enhance short-term training of employees in order to improve the existing human resources on the other hand, introduction of high-quality talents through various channels to enhance the intellectual capital of our ball valves profession.