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Valve Industry Key Projects That Sound And Rapid Development Of Power-assisted Valves Profession To Express

Valve industry is China's traditional industries. For the traditional industry bigger and stronger, take positive and flexible measures, accelerate the development of valve industry, press it to become the backbone of China's industrial and economic development. On one hand and implement project driven strategy, key projects of priority projects included in the valve industry, and provincial key projects, and increase the intensity of project coordination, clear hand, implementation of the task force, and actively help units implementing conditions of the project. Speed up the adjustment of the industrial structure overall arrangement on the other hand, actively guide the relocation and renovation of enterprises within the second ring, and vigorously promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, focus on using innovation and technology to reform traditional manufacturing industry, promote the technological upgrading of enterprises, and expanding economic growth, through various measures, significantly advancing the valve industry projects.
Recently learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission, through the implementation of key projects, China's valve industry development growing, at present, the city's valve industry under construction on 13, with a total investment of 3.26 billion yuan.
Needs to re-layout of the adjustment of industrial structure, through the industrial parks, enterprise relocation and renovation, bigger and stronger valve industry. In 13 projects under construction this year, relocation projects accounted for 6. Hebei electrical machinery company limited the overall transformation of the relocation project, with a total investment of 190 million Yuan, annual production capacity of motor 9 million-kilowatt, is expected to realize a sales income of 1.2 billion yuan, profits of 180 million Yuan, and exports of 50 million dollars. The project will be completed and put into operation by the end of. Shijiazhuang kingda pump industry group's overall transformation relocation project, with a total investment of 460 million Yuan, is expected to achieve sales revenue of 660 million Yuan and profits of 110 million Yuan. The project has recently been completed and put into production. Shijiazhuang Jingang group overall transformation relocation project, with a total investment of 290 million Yuan, annual production of internal combustion engine parts 41.5 million, is expected to achieve sales revenue of 420 million Yuan, has recently entered the pilot phase of the project.
A project has been finished the overall transformation of Hebei Taihang machinery factory relocation projects, with a total investment of 510 million Yuan, annual production of FA series roving machine 1000, and machine 1000, 2000, rollers in ring spinning 1 million, is expected to achieve sales revenue of 1.36 billion yuan, the project is stepping up construction of the second phase of the project. In addition, the Corporation Shijiazhuang city, there are three-ring valve casting and metallurgical equipment relocation and expansion projects, total investment of 209.82 million Yuan city factory relocation projects of electric submersible pump, 114.39 million yuan of total investment.
Early in the current planning and projects, key projects and an additional valve industry, through continued efforts, China's valve industry is bound to the rapid and sound development of the fast lane.