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Valve Corrosion-resistant Materials Requirements

1. General requirements
1.1 specifications and types of valves, piping begged the programme document should fit.
1.2 the valves should be based on national norms begged. Suppose the company specifications, should indicate the type of instruction.
1.3 valve begged working pressure than the pipe, work under pressure, without affecting the offer under working pressure should be greater than the pipe attachments in valves working pressure; valves on either side of the closed cases should receive 1.1 times the valve pressure leak-free; open position of the valve, valve should accept twice times the pressure valve of begging.
1.4 valve production norms, should be clarified on the basis of national standards number, assuming companies to win the contract should be accompanied by commercial documents.

2. valve data
2.1 valve body materials are ductile iron, first and foremost, and indicate the trademark data and practice physical and chemical inspection of cast iron.
2.2 stem material, to stainless steel stem (2CR13), maintenance of large diameter valves should be embedded in the stainless steel valves contract.
2.3 nut material, made of cast brass or cast aluminum bronze, and hardness and strength are greater than dry.
2.4 valve stem bushing material, its hardness and strength shall be not more than the stem and water immersion condition and body do not constitute electro-chemical corrosion.
2.5 sealed surface information: valve of type not on information of begged, approach and sealed; General of wedge type gate, copper ring of information, fixed approach, grinding approach be stated; soft sealed gate, physico-chemical and clean rubber information identification data of valve Board butterfly valve should Li Ning; in valve body of sealed surface information and Butterfly Board sealed surface information for features of; they of physico-chemical check data, especially rubber of clean begged, anti-aging, wear sex; General NBR and ternary rubber, block mix regeneration rubber.
2.6 valve axis filler: because in valve opened and closed of pipeline network, General is not common of packaging begged, in number years not vivid, filler not aging, long-term keep sealed effect; valve axis filler also should often opened and closed Shi, sealed effect good; third, for above need, valve axis filler of days and no changes or 10 years no replaced; replaced packaging, valve should programme has water pressure conditions changes of approach.

3. speed gearbox
Box 3.1 materials and corrosion of pleading and consistent body of principles.
Box3.2 sealing method, box Assembly can accept 3 meters of water after soaking.
Opening ceremony and 3.3 limit device as a closed box, provided its dispatch nuts in a tank or outside the box, but required special tools can work.

3.4 drive structure reasonable, open and close the valve shaft rotation, rather than moving up and down, making it, transmission parts occlude moderate, skid, each loading does not occur when you open and close.