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Three Connection Of Valves Installed And Points For Attention

Gymnastics for flow control valves (valve), from the most simple valve to a very cluttered with automatic control system used by the various valve, variety and specification of appropriate complexity. Valve according to materials also divided into cast iron valves, cast steel valve, stainless steel valve (201, 304, 316, 316L etc), chromium-molybdenum steel valve, chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel valves, duplex steel valves, plastic valves, valves of non-standard order materials.
Equipment valve should be in accordance with the use instructions of the valve and the relevant regulations. To examine in the course of construction, elaborate construction. Valve equipment, test pressure must be qualified after the equipment, double check valve type of specification, is consistent with the drawings, check valves, all parts are perfect, sensitive gate valve is rolling freely, sealing surfaces there is no hazard, confession is correct, the device.
Valve device, valve operation organization most suitable 1.2m mercy from the operations on the ground will be aligned in the chest. When the valve of the base with the handle away from the operator on the ground beyond 1.8M, the operation valve and relief valve settings for more action ... Valve more piping, valve focused on ways to manipulate.
Valve connection: threaded joint, flanges, weld ends join three join equipment should look as follows:
1. equipment selection of threaded connection of the end of the valve, and depth of the screw is screwed into the valve should be the right, threaded screw too deep into the press seating, will affect the excellent collaboration of seat and disc, screwed into the shallow, will affect the sealing reliability, brief introduction of leaks. Thread seal material PTFE tape should be used with goods sealant, heed not your sealing material in the lumen of the valve.
2. join flange end valve, first look for flange joint surface, perpendicular to the line on the cover, and bolt hole alignment. Valve flanges should be parallel to the pipeline flanges, flange open area is moderate, not supposed to be a phenomenon such as Hi-Lo, tilt, heart center of the gasket should be placed between the flanges, not oblique, bolts that screw down. Prevent forced to join when valve tighten an additional residual force attack.
Equipment should be completely eradicated before the pipe inner wall of dirt and external thread; eradication of obstacles to media activities and may affect the equipment's Burr, foreign bodies, in the pipe before join in blowing pipes and dirt, residue and other debris. Prevent the damage the sealing surfaces of the valve or blocking the valve.
3. join welding end valves should be set after the spot welded joints at both ends of the valve, open the valve and press welding of welding skill weld welding seam appearance and meaning of weld quality inspection to ensure no porosity, inclusions, cracks and other, Ray or override check welds as needed.