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The Operation Of The Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Motor

A hydraulic device that provides pressurized fluid for hydraulic drives. It is a kind of pump. Hydraulic pump is the hydraulic system of the power element, is driven by the engine or motor, from the hydraulic tank inhalation of oil, the formation of pressure oil discharge, sent to the implementation of a component components. The hydraulic pump is divided into gear pump, piston pump, vane pump and screw pump according to structure.

If the hydraulic pump is connected to the hydraulic motor on the outlet pipe of the electric hydraulic pump, the hydraulic motor can convert the pressure energy output from the electric hydraulic pump into mechanical energy and connect it to the hydraulic motor. The loading device controls the size of the mechanical motor output of the hydraulic motor to regulate the output pressure of the motorized hydraulic pump.

Common load devices are non-power recovery and power recovery of two types, the former, including such as hydraulic dynamometers, electromagnetic loaders and generators plus resistors and other types, which is characterized by the motor output of the tears of energy can eventually transform For the heat energy dissipation, the system of power components such as driving the electric hydraulic pump motor power than the hydraulic pump output power also people, the system structure is complex, inefficient, but there is no throttle or overflow loaded oil serious fever Problem group. The latter includes power power recovery force - type, mechanical compensation recovery force type and hydraulic compensation recovery force. One of the power recovery force is the use of generators to the hydraulic motor output of mechanical energy into electricity, the second is the use of a set of transformers will be converted into frequency AC power feedback.