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The Hydraulic Valve Experiences Its Working Principle

Hydraulic valve selection of the main control parameters for the diameter, design nominal pressure, medium allowable temperature range, interface size. Hydraulic valve is the use of electromagnets to promote the valve is not open the door is not closed, usually used for caliber in the 40mm below the two-type control, especially for use, turn off the ring to change the gas, liquid and so on. The main advantage of hydraulic valve is small size, reliable action, easy maintenance, cheap. Select the need to pay attention to choose according to process requirements open normally closed.

Hydraulic valve has a smooth transmission, easy speed control, power and volume ratio and other excellent features in many areas to obtain a wide range of applications, the hydraulic system configuration of the hydraulic components are now more integrated configuration.

Many users in the use of hydraulic valves on the use of no big problem, for the subsequent maintenance and cleaning is no clue, and now to analyze the hydraulic valve cleaning technology.

Note the following when cleaning:

(1) for the hydraulic valve deposition time is long, paste a solid dirt, clean up do not scratch with the surface.

(2) attention to safety when heated. Some inorganic cleaning solution is toxic, heat and volatile can be poisoned, should be used with caution; organic cleaning solution flammable, pay attention to fire.

(3) Select the cleaning fluid, pay attention to its corrosive, to avoid corrosion of the valve body.