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The Cleaning Of The Hydraulic Valve Is Important

Hydraulic valve parts cleaning work: hydraulic valve parts cleaning in the production of hydraulic parts is a key auxiliary process, its quality control of the hydraulic valve reliability and stability. Cleaning quality and cleaning methods, the preparation of cleaning fluid, cleaning equipment and personnel responsibility and so have a great relationship.

Hydraulic valve auxiliary processing is a complex system engineering, it involves a very wide range, not only from the equipment to provide protection, technical practice, summary, improve. But also from the management seriously to catch, to control, only to be able to help the hydraulic valve to engage in up processing, where the content is only involved in some of the superficial experience, hoping to help the domestic hydraulic valve Processing quality improvement has benefited.

Hydraulic valve cleaning process during the production of an indispensable part: hydraulic parts auxiliary processing include: valve body sand, parts deburring, heat treatment residue and cleaning and so on.

The life of the hydraulic valve is not only related to its quality, the actual use of the user is also necessary to have a necessary relationship, improper use of hydraulic valve damage to the hydraulic valve is doubled, so be sure to pay attention to its proper use.

Proper use of hydraulic valves: 1, some with a drain port of the hydraulic valve, the drain must be directly through the tank, it is best not to connect with the system in the total return pipe, otherwise it will cause unexpected consequences, such as: If the flow rate in the system's total return line is changed at any time, the pressure loss through the oil in the return line is constantly changing and the pressure drop in the relief valve output is unstable. The 2, some of the median unloading of the electro-hydraulic valve (such as: Rexroth series G, H, F, P, T-type, etc.), in the control of the oil port is not a separate pre-control oil in the case of electro-hydraulic valve can not change To the internal control of the electro-hydraulic valve must be added in the P port of a pre-pressure valve or in the return port plus a back pressure valve (the back pressure is generally more than 1Mpa, different manufacturers, different specifications, different flow The pressure value of the hydraulic valve will be different), and its external drain must be individually connected to the tank. For the external control of the electro-hydraulic valve, the control port must be connected to the system in a variety of working conditions can always produce more than 1Mpa pressure position.

Liyang hydraulic pressure has been correctly guide the customer to use the correct operation of the hydraulic valve, or even the correct installation should give customers clear!