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Selection Of Four Precautions For Hydraulic Pressure Control Valve

The specifications of the various Hydraulic Pressure Control Valve can be based on the maximum pressure of the system and the actual flow through the valve (from the operating diagram and the system diagram) and consider the valve control characteristics, stability and port size, dimensions, Installation connection mode, operation mode, etc., from the product sample or catalog selected.

1, the actual flow of hydraulic valve

The actual flow of the hydraulic valve is related to the series and parallel of the oil line: the flow rate of the series oil is equal to each other; the flow of the parallel oil circuit is equal to the sum of the oil flow. In addition, for the use of single piston rod hydraulic cylinder system, pay attention to the piston extension and internal shrinkage when the oil return flow is different: when the rodless rod back to the oil and the extension of the rod when the ratio of oil flow, and The ratio of the two chambers is equal.

2, the hydraulic valve rated pressure and rated flow

The rated pressure and rated flow of each Hydraulic Pressure Control Valve should generally be close to their use of pressure and flow. For systems with high reliability requirements, the rated pressure of the valve should be higher than its use pressure. If the rated pressure and rated flow rate is less than the use of pressure and flow, it is easy to cause hydraulic clamping and hydraulic power and the valve quality of the work of adverse effects; for the system of the valve and the valve, the flow should not be much less than the rated Flow, or easy to produce vibration or other instability. For the flow valve, should pay attention to its minimum steady flow.

3, the installation of hydraulic valve connection

As the installation of the valve connection to the subsequent design of the hydraulic device structure type has a decisive impact, so the choice of hydraulic valve should be integrated with the hydraulic control device to be aware of. For example, the use of plate connected hydraulic valve, the valve can be installed on the oil circuit board or block, on the one hand to facilitate system integration and hydraulic device design rationalization, on the other hand the replacement of hydraulic valve without removing the tubing, installation and maintenance more convenient; If the stack valve is used, it is necessary to study the series of spectrum of the superposition valve according to the pressure and flow, and so on.

4, the choice of directional control valve

For the simple structure of the simple one-way valve, the main should pay attention to the rational use of its opening pressure: lower opening pressure, can reduce the flow through the one-way valve resistance loss; However, for the back pressure valve for the use of one-way valve , Its opening pressure is higher, to ensure adequate back pressure. For the hydraulic control check valve, in addition to this paragraph in the valve related to the precautions, in order to avoid the system caused by abnormal vibration and noise, but also should pay attention to the rational use of its pressure relief mode: when the control valve outlet Pressure, should use the type of leakage, the other optional optional vent type.

For the valve, should pay attention to from the system to meet the requirements of automation and operating cycle, from the manual, mechanical, electromagnetic, electrohydraulic and other types of rational use of its manipulation. Correctly selects the center function of the spool valve and controls its transition quasi-state function. For the use of hydraulic lock (double hydraulic check valve) lock the hydraulic actuator system, should use the "H", "Y" shape of the role of the slide valve valve, so that the valve in the valve, The control chambers of the two hydraulic control check valves are supplied with a fuel tank to ensure a reliable reset of the hydraulic control check valve and a good locking of the hydraulic actuator. The selected position of the valve-type valve in the commutation of the transition position, should not appear completely blocked oil, otherwise it will lead to infinite system pressure and lead to pipeline blasting and other accidents.