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Regular Cleaning Of Hydraulic Valve

Hydraulic valve is a kind of pressure oil operation automation element, it is controlled by the pressure oil of valve, usually with the solenoid valve combination, can be used for long-distance control of hydropower station oil, gas, water pipe system. Often used for clamping, control, lubrication and other oil circuits. There are direct type and pilot type of the division, the use of the pilot. The function of the hydraulic valve is mainly used to reduce and stabilize the oil pressure of a branch in the system, which is often used for clamping, controlling, lubricating etc. It has the direct type, the forerunner type, the superposition type cent. A component used in hydraulic fluid to control the flow and direction of a liquid pressure Shan. The control pressure is called the pressure control valve, the control flow is called the flow control valve, the control Shan breaks and the flow direction is called the directional control valve.

By functional Category: flow valve (throttle valve, speed control valve, shunt valve, set flow valve, shunt set flow valve), pressure valve (overflow valve, decompression valve, sequential valve, unloading valve), directional valve (solenoid directional valve, manual reversing Valve, valve, hydraulic control valve)

Electromagnetic hydraulic valve is often used to reduce and stabilize the system of a branch of the oil pressure, often used for clamping, control, lubrication and other circuit. But few people pay attention to the electromagnetic hydraulic valve cleaning, so in order to let electromagnetic hydraulic valve

Long-term normal use, then the regular cleaning is also very necessary, how to make solenoid hydraulic valve to achieve the best cleaning effect?

Firstly, the method of replacing the sealing parts can be taken;

Second, valve components such as card die, nap, produce groove, etc. should be repaired.

Third, the spool valve assembly valve core and the valve body hole: When the two match gap than the product factory specified that the gap value of more than 25%, we must increase the size of the spool, and then carry out the study to achieve the factory regulation clearance.

The valve core and valve seat of the cone valve assembly: When the conical seat valve seal surface contact is bad, because the cone valve can automatically compensate for the gap under the spring action, it only needs to grind and repair.

The above four points is to allow the hydraulic valve to achieve the best cleaning effect method, if you want to let electromagnetic hydraulic valve use longer, then regularly to the hydraulic valve clean IT