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Hydraulic Valve Plate And Tube Two Installation Features

Hydraulic valve is a pressure oil operation of the automation components, which is controlled by the pressure valve oil pressure, usually combined with the use of electromagnetic pressure valve can be used for long-distance control of hydropower station oil, gas, water pipe system off. Commonly used in clamping, control, lubrication and other oil. There are direct and pilot type of the points, multi-use pilot type.

Classification of hydraulic valve:

According to the control method classification: manual, electronic control, hydraulic control

According to the function classification: flow valve (throttle, speed control valve, shunt valve), pressure valve (relief valve, pressure relief valve, sequence valve, unloading valve), the direction valve (electromagnetic valve To the valve, check valve, hydraulic check valve)

According to the installation method points: plate valve, tube valve, superimposed valve, threaded cartridge valve, cover valve [1]

According to the way of operation points: manual valves, motor valves, electric valves, hydraulic valve, electro-hydraulic valve.

Hydraulic valve installation is generally divided into two kinds of tube and plate

The tubular hydraulic valve is connected directly to the tubing and pipe fittings through the screw hole on the valve body. The structure is simple and the weight is light. It is suitable for the connection of mobile equipment and hydraulic components with smaller flow and wide application. Disadvantages are components scattered layout, the possibility of oil leakage links, loading and unloading inconvenient.

The plate hydraulic valve needs a special floor connection, the hydraulic pipe is connected with the connecting plate, and the hydraulic valve is fixed on the bottom plate with screws. As the components of the layout, installation, operation, adjustment and maintenance are more convenient, more widely used.

 The pressure flow characteristic of the hydraulic valve refers to the relationship between the flow rate of the liquid flow through the valve and the pressure difference between the front and the back pressure of the hydraulic valve.

The pressure flow characteristics of the hydraulic valve are also important indicators of the performance of a hydraulic valve. By comparing the pressure flow characteristics, you can initially determine the merits of design performance.

In general, the pressure loss due to the flow rate of the hydraulic valve (eg, rated flow rate) is as small as possible, and the flow rate is better at the same pressure loss. Measure the pressure flow characteristics of the hydraulic valve can be compared with the same size of the valve, the same flow through the lower pressure loss, the better the performance, the same pressure flow under the flow of the more the better.