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Hydraulic Valve Design Step Flow

Hydraulic system configuration of the hydraulic components are now more integrated configuration, the hydraulic valve integrated in the surface of the hydraulic valve block, the combination known as the hydraulic valve group, the hydraulic valve group to abandon the tubular structure of the overall structure of complex chaos, Easy to leak, bulky, inconvenient to install and other shortcomings, with a compact structure, good sealing performance, easy maintenance, technical security and other advantages. With the complexity of the hydraulic system to improve the hydraulic valve group design, manufacture and debugging more and more difficult, if the design is not serious, it will cause the manufacturing process is complex, processing costs, raw material waste, the use of maintenance trouble Series of questions. This will be the hydraulic valve group design, processing and test methods for a more detailed description.

1 hydraulic valve group design

Hydraulic valve according to its installation can be divided into tube hydraulic valve, plate hydraulic valve, superposition of hydraulic valve, two-way cartridge valve and threaded cartridge valve 5 kinds. The design of the hydraulic valve group is to put the various valves to the hydraulic valve block on the surface, and according to the hydraulic schematic diagram, determine the relevant channel connectivity. These two tasks are carried out in parallel, taking into account the valve placement position should be considered when the channel connected to the situation, and in the arrangement of the hole when the situation also changes the valve position. Hydraulic valve sets should be arranged in the design of reasonable channels, to minimize the larvae L, oblique holes and process holes.

1.1 Hydraulic Schematic Validation Before designing a hydraulic manifold, it is necessary to carefully verify the schematic to ensure that the principle can meet the needs of the working conditions and optimize the schematic to minimize the number of components. After the validation of the schematic diagram to delineate the scope of the hydraulic valve group, with a two-dot chain box to live, neither let the valve block is too large, but also to make the number of valve block as little as possible.

1.2 components of the choice of hydraulic valve selection, we must see the flow and pressure range, but also pay attention to the flow of a pressure curve, if the selection is too small will often cause the system pressure loss is too large, so that the system fever; Selection is too large, it will cause economic waste. Hydraulic valve has two kinds of sealing material optional, fluorine rubber seal for phosphate resin medium, Dingqing rubber seal for mineral oil medium, according to the actual use of the media to choose. When selecting a component, it is best to perform a performance test on the selected valve. After selecting the components, mark the model of each valve on the hydraulic schematic, the code of each channel, the tool code and the code and size of each port so that the design and proofreading of the hydraulic valve group.

1.3 hydraulic valve block material selection working pressure P <6.3MPa, the hydraulic valve block can be used cast iron HT20 a 40; 6.3MPa ≤ P <21MPa, the hydraulic valve block can use aluminum alloy forging; P ≥ 21MPa , Hydraulic valve block can choose 35 forged steel. As the engineering machinery on the hydraulic valve group of the weight requirements of strict, hydraulic valve block generally use aluminum alloy forgings, so the design requirements of the system pressure does not exceed 21MPa.