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Hydraulic Pump Maintenance Matters

As the hydraulic pump is composed of multiple components and parts, for this part in the filter with the time required, and for the hydraulic system inside the plunger pump there is a pump seal, coupled with the use of the piston, These are the need to stop processing, as long as these things are handled, it may be able to bring help to the hydraulic system can greatly improve its service life

Hydraulic pump maintenance value matters:

1, the oil pump using 20 oil.

2, oil storage capacity must be within the scope of the oil window.

3, each refueling and oil change, it is necessary to use more than 80 mesh filter oil filter, the replacement of the need to wash the fuel tank. Oil change period of six months.

4, the working oil temperature of 10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.

5, before starting the electric pump to open the deflation nut, open the switch placed unloading position.

6, using the process to create a motor temperature is too high, should stop using. Self-cooling before use.

7, the hydraulic pump has been dispatched before leaving the factory, may not be high-profile, need to reschedule, you must stop using a pressure gauge.

8, high-pressure tubing factory into, after 105MPA test. However, due to casual wear and tear hose aging, so the user should always check the same ordinary for six months, vortex flowmeter frequently used for three months, 87.5MPA pressure test, if damaged, raised, leakage, then Can not be used.

9, bearing the same ordinary six months wash once, when the assembly needs to increase grease.