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For The Use Of Hydraulic Hose, There Will Be Some Failure

We know that no matter what the quality of the product, no matter how good quality, after we use it for some time, there will inevitably be some large and small failures, and thus have an impact on our work, To further promote the user to its understanding of the professional staff of the use of its hydraulic hose outside the layer may appear as follows:

1, the temperature is low, the environment cold body temperature plummeted, hydraulic hose is no exception, once the appearance of the hose cracks, will make the hose bent. If you find the appearance of the hose crack, pay attention to observe whether the hose rubber cracks, and decide whether to replace the hose immediately.

2, the appearance of the hydraulic hose bubble. The appearance of the hydraulic hose appears to be due to improper hose quality or improper use. If the bubble appears in the middle of the hose, mostly for the hose production quality problems. Should be replaced with a qualified hose; if the hose appears in the hose connector, it is likely due to improper connection caused by the connector.

3, the hydraulic hose outside the layer of severe deterioration, the surface appears micro-crack. This is the performance of the hose used for too long natural aging.

The above is the use of hydraulic hose for us, the outer layer of the failure of the introduction, but also hope that through the above description of the contents of the majority of users can play a corresponding help.

In order to ensure the safe and reliable use of hose assembly, the following special attention. First, the pressure: the working pressure specified by the hose is usually not less than the maximum system pressure, only in the case of infrequent use, allowed to increase by 20%; for frequent use, often bent to reduce the 40%. If the impact pressure of the system is higher than the working pressure specified by the hose, it will not only reduce the service life of the hydraulic hose, but also may cause the personal equipment accident. Moreover, the temperature: fluid temperature and ambient temperature, whether it is stable or instantaneous, shall not exceed the temperature limit of the hose, the temperature is lower than or higher than the recommended temperature of the hose, can reduce the hose performance, resulting in soft Tube damage, causing leakage.

The next step is fluid compatibility: the fluid in the hose should conform to the provisions made in the "use" of the product sample, and the service life and safety of the pipe can not be ensured beyond the stated use. The last point is the appropriate end of the connection: the nut is easy to connect, low cost is widely used, but the vibration of the larger case, to fully take into account the nut loose problem, take the blue connection.