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External Interference Of Hydraulic Valve And Operation Process

Hydraulic valve In the use of the process can be effectively used to regulate the spool and valve between the throttle area and the equipment generated by the local resistance convection to effectively adjust, this will effectively control the hydraulic valve actuator speed of the movement.

After adjusting the throttle area, the hydraulic valve can effectively change the load pressure and the motion uniformity of the actuator to maintain its stability, and keep the inlet and outlet pressure difference of the throttle valve constant in the process of changing the load pressure.

Hydraulic valve No matter the size of the load, in the process of use can make the same oil source two of the components to obtain equal flow of the equivalent shunt valve or synchronous valve, the proportional distribution of the flow of the proportional shunt valve.

Hydraulic valve In the process of operation is very flexible and reliable, the entire equipment in the process of its vibration and impact of small, the entire equipment issued by the noise is also small, so the equipment in the process of use of its longer life.

Hydraulic valve flow through the time, its equipment pressure loss ratio is small, the equipment valve closes, its equipment seal performance is good and inside leakage is small, in the process of use will not appear outside the leak, the equipment all control parameters are very stable.

Hydraulic valve by external interference in the process of its small variables, the entire equipment structure is very compact, equipment in the installation, commissioning and use of the process has a certain versatility, the equipment mainly using the valve core in the valve body relative movement to control the valve mouth.