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Electromagnetic Hydraulic Valve Technology Is Maturing

Electromagnetic hydraulic valve is a fluid as a working medium for energy transmission and control of a transmission form. The use of pressurized liquid through some mechanical control after the transfer of movement and power. Compared with electric drive and mechanical transmission, the electromagnetic hydraulic valve has the advantages of large output force, light weight, small inertia, convenient speed control and easy control, so it is widely used in engineering machinery, construction machinery and machine tools and other equipment.

As the use of crude oil refining products as a transmission medium, modern hydraulic drive technology is the rise of the 19th century and the vigorous development of the oil industry to promote the earliest practice of successful hydraulic transmission device is the ship turret transposition, followed by The hydraulic hexagonal lathes and grinders, some general lathe to the late 1930s to use the hydraulic drive. During the Second World War, in some weapons with a large power, fast response, the action of the hydraulic drive and control devices, greatly improving the performance of weapons, but also greatly promoted the development of hydraulic technology. After the war, hydraulic technology quickly turned to civilian, and with the continuous development and improvement of various standards, all kinds of components of the standardization, standardization, serialization in the machinery manufacturing, engineering machinery, materials science, control technology, agricultural machinery, Manufacturing and other industries to promote. As the military and construction needs to be stimulated, hydraulic technology is becoming more and more mature.

After the 1960s, the development of atomic energy technology, space technology, computer technology and so on once again pushed the hydraulic technology forward, making it into a complete automation technology including transmission, control and testing. In the national economy Aspects have been applied. Such as engineering machinery, CNC machining centers, metallurgical automatic lines.