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Electromagnetic Hydraulic Valve Cleaning Work Is Very Important Ah!

Electromagnetic hydraulic valve is often used to reduce and stabilize the system in a branch of the oil pressure, commonly used in clamping, control, lubrication and other oil. But few people pay attention to the electromagnetic hydraulic valve to clean, then in order to let the electromagnetic hydraulic valve

Long-term normal use, then the regular cleaning is also very necessary, how to make the electromagnetic hydraulic valve to achieve the best cleaning effect?

First, you can take the method of replacing the seal;

Second, the valve components such as stuck, nap, produce grooves, etc. should be repaired.

Third, the valve spool valve components and the valve body hole: When the gap with the product than the provisions of the product with the gap above the value of more than 25%, the spool size must be increased, and then with the research to achieve the factory Stipulate the fit gap.

Fourth, the cone valve seat components and valve seat: When the conical seat valve sealing surface contact is bad, because the cone valve can be automatically under the action of the spring compensation gap, so only need to wear and repair.

The above four points is to make the hydraulic valve to achieve the best cleaning effect of the method, if you want to use more time to use electromagnetic hydraulic valve, then the regular hydraulic valve to do a clean bar