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Concrete Mixer Motor Hydraulic Pump Installation Precautions

Cement tanker because of its high acquisition costs, so the actual use of vehicles are used to break the way people do not break the car, the vehicle 24 hours even rotation. So the use of the vehicle strength is very large, so the general use of the vehicle after a few years or more will appear some minor problems, as the concrete mixer system, the most important pump and motor, are currently used in foreign imports Pieces, the failure rate is generally low. But the low does not mean do not repair the motor and reducer, as the owner we should pay attention to the following aspects of the problem.

First, the concrete mixer truck installation attention

1, before installing the hose, do not remove the hydraulic motor fuel port on the plastic plug, because a stain into the oil will lead to motor failure, and even lead to motor charges.

2, the 0-ring (provided with the reducer) installed in the hydraulic horse 0-shaped ring seat, the hydraulic motor carefully mounted on the reducer, do not damage the installed seal, tighten the two 8.8 M12 hex head bolts, wrench twist to 85N.M.

Second, the concrete mixer hydraulic pump installation Note

1, to ensure the stiffness of the hydraulic pump bracket to ensure that the hydraulic pump output shaft and the angle of the angle of less than 6 degrees.

2, the coupling and the universal axis of the angle of connection as small as possible. The pump joystick must be limited to avoid damage to the operating mechanism.

3, manually test the pump operating rod, check the operating mechanism is damaged. When painting, to protect the pump shaft seal, can not be sprayed to paint, or it may lead to oil seal damage and oil.

Also need special attention: to ensure that the hydraulic pump rotation and the engine power output to match the steering, otherwise it will damage the hydraulic pump.