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Complementarity Of Proportional Valves And Control Valves

Proportional valve is a solenoid-driven spool action of hydraulic components and control valve is a component causes the electromagnetic force by electromagnetic induction. Control valve current thrust more large, give regular solenoid valve coil power current will make the original on/off valve proportional valve?

The problem is obviously in the negative, in General normal internal processing of the solenoid valve is proportional valve machining precision cannot be achieved, in addition to its internal structure and does not take into account balancing too much fluid pressure and other parameters. So, when little electromagnetic cases, valve cores are not stable during the transition, solenoid valve does not characterize performance. Or solenoid switch valve performance is not obvious. Therefore, proportional valve design, manufacturing process and switching valves are very different, and needs more input.

Another problem: for a proportional valve, solenoid Coil drive current can not use amplifiers, and DC powered models? This is possible in principle, using variable resistance type signal can be used for coil control, but this will waste a lot of energy, along with a lot of heat, valve core and no chatter and the effect of current feedback, performance of the valve cannot be optimized.

Internal current feedback amplifier in addition to, a high-frequency flutter is also an important function. Flutter of high frequency signals can be made proportional valve spool has maintained a certain vibration, to overcome static friction effects, as far as possible eliminate the hysteresis effect on its performance.

Proportional amplifier is a device used to provide specific performance current to proportional solenoids, and electro-hydraulic proportional valve or electro-hydraulic proportional control system for open-loop or closed-loop control of electronic devices. The so-called specific what specific performance current performance?

To summarize, using proportional amplifiers can achieve the following features: control valve is applied to the coil current size, set the minimum and maximum of the input signal proportional valve, set the minimum and maximum output current, ramp up and ramp down time can also be set, finally set the vibration signal frequency, with built-in negative feedback function to get the current test results.