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Classification Of Hydraulic Flow Control Valve

Hydraulic flow control valve classification methods are numerous, so that the same kind of valve in different occasions, because of their different points have different names. This point, learning to be highly attention. Here are some different classification methods.

(A) according to the functional classification in the hydraulic system

(1) Pressure flow control valves are used to control the pressure in the hydraulic system or to use pressure-controlled valves such as pressure valves for the inlet pressure of the relief valve flow control valve. When used to prevent hydraulic system pressure overload, in the case of emergency protection, also known as safety valve; when used to maintain the hydraulic system pressure is basically constant and the quantitative pump hydraulic system overflow oil back to the tank, and Called constant pressure valve.

Hydraulic Flow Control Valve flow control valve out of iml pressure below inlet pressure valve. Which: to ensure that the valve outlet pressure for the value of the valve for the value of the pressure reducing valve (referred to as the valve); to ensure that the valve outlet pressure and the difference between the inlet pressure is called the differential pressure valve, Control of another valve (such as throttle) of the inlet and outlet pressure difference is fixed, also known as its controlled differential pressure reducing valve; to ensure that the valve outlet pressure and inlet pressure ratio is fixed Pressure valve. Sequential valve When the control pressure reaches or exceeds the set value Open the valve port to make the flow through the valve, because the control mode and use are divided into the implementation of the sequence of the implementation of the order of the valve and unloading valve, back pressure valve, balance valve and Hydraulic switch.

(2) Hydraulic Flow Control Valve used to control the hydraulic system flow of the valve, such as: throttle by the adjustable hydraulic resistance of the valve. The valve is composed of a throttle valve and a pressure compensating mechanism. The flow rate of such a valve can be affected by the valve inlet or the L7 pressure change. Shunt valve according to a certain flow rate will be divided into two oil into the oil, and not affected by the load changes in the valve. The two shares by a certain percentage of the flow into a share of the valve known as the collector valve.

(3) Directional flow control valves are used to control the flow direction of the liquid flow in the hydraulic system. For example, the check valve only allows the flow to flow in the forward direction and the reverse flow is closed. The reversing valve turns two or more ports on or off to change the flow direction of the valve. The general valve listed above is a single function. In addition there are some special valves and with more than the function of the composite valve. The former, such as construction machinery with the steady flow valve, the latter, such as one-way valve and so on.

(B) according to different ways of control classification

1. Switch set flow control valve

This type of valve by means of manual, motor, solenoid and control pressure oil and other control methods to open and close the liquid flow path, the value of control flow parameters. As a result of widely used, also known as ordinary hydraulic valve.

2. Servo flow control valve

This type of valve according to the input signal (electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, etc.) and the amount of feedback in proportion to continuously control the hydraulic system output flow parameters. Servo flow control valve, also known as follow-up valve, has a high dynamic response and static, but expensive, poor pollution resistance. Mainly used to control the high precision requirements of the occasion.

The contents of the servo flow control valve are specially taught by the "Hydraulic Servo Control System" course and are not discussed in this book.

3. Electrohydraulic proportional valve

Electro-hydraulic than the blanket valve hanging between the above two types of valve, it can be based on the input of the electrical signal to continuously control the proportion of liquid flow. Meet a ll [131k production on the performance requirements of the system, but also because the structure than the servo flow control valve is simple, lower prices. Easy to maintain.

Electro-hydraulic proportional valve is divided into the switch on the basis of the value of the flow control valve directly to the control mode to the proportion of electromagnet control of the ordinary electro-hydraulic proportional valve and the new type of internal feedback with the electro-hydraulic proportional valve two.