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Analysis On The Current Situation Of Wheel Hydraulic Pump Industry

Wheeled hydraulic pump Unlike other engineering machinery products only have some aspects of the more significant product features, but in a number of aspects to reflect their own product characteristics. At the same time, flexible, easy transition, a variety of work devices quickly switch, powerful and other characteristics determine the wheeled hydraulic pump in the construction site to give full play to their role.

China 's wheeled hydraulic pump market, the proportion of low

Special fine Parker believes that wheeled hydraulic pump as a crawler excavator supplement itself is auxiliary equipment, not a dominant position. But with the advance of urban construction, wheeled hydraulic pump will play a greater advantage. Due to low efficiency, poor stability, it does not apply to a large number of earth construction, only suitable for maintenance work, and "two busy" role similar. But it has the lifting function is "two busy" can not be replaced. In addition, the diversification of the working device will also provide a good support for the maintenance of wheeled hydraulic pumps. He believes that the wheeled hydraulic pump is a small minority products, only to improve the stability, efficiency and safety performance, to strengthen the different arrangements of work devices in order to expand its scope of work, while increasing market share.

At the same time, special fine Parker also for the wheeled hydraulic pump production enterprises Weapon. "The wheeled hydraulic pump is a machine for the rich, with high cost, high selling prices, big for big work, and for fine work, so the wheeled hydraulic pump should be aimed at the rich," he said.

Efficacy of wheeled hydraulic pump

Common crawler excavators in the transition, must rely on trailers for transport, which itself can not be directly between the various sites. One of the biggest advantages of wheeled hydraulic pumps is the flexibility of the transition. In the use of excavators costs, the trailer costs is not a small sum of money, wheeled hydraulic pump is precisely this part of the cost savings.

Fine fine Parker that, with reference to the current market differentiation, wheeled hydraulic pump is indeed a relatively large investment in the product. But it was like in the 1980s, when motorcycles were expensive, but by the 1990s, motorcycles became relatively cheap as cars became popular. With the continuous development of the market, the price of wheeled hydraulic pumps will be accepted by more people, will gradually replace part of the crawler excavator. At the same time, from the use of the product all the cost of accounting point of view, if taking into account the wheeled hydraulic pump fuel and trailer costs, the use of the cost may not be high.

Market segmentation for better development opportunities

"At present, China's production of wheeled hydraulic pump enterprises have about 10, domestic machine technology has made some progress, but the scale of development is still very small.According to the latest statistics, wheeled hydraulic pump in China's market share of 0.8% to 1.3%, in recent years, the domestic sales of wheeled hydraulic pumps are in the 1000 or so fluctuations, an increase in instability at the same time, the domestic wheeled hydraulic pump market dominated by the Korean brand, grabbed 90% market share, domestic brand market Share is relatively low. "National Engineering Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Deputy Chief Engineer, researcher special fine Parker May 13 This describes the current domestic development of wheeled hydraulic pump.