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Slide-valve reversing valve characteristics. How works

Slide-valve reversing valve is to move the spool change spool valve body holes to change the relative position of oil flow direction, connect circuit of hydraulic system on or off. Therefore, it has a radial force are easy to balance oil booty sensitivity small, easy to implement multiple control reliable, simple and so on. Slide-valve reversing valve works as shown in Figure 5-9, there are five sink slotted hole of the valve body and countersunk slotted each have their own oil hole. P as oil inlets, AB-port T1 T2 return opening, valve core is only three convex sets of cylinders, control compatible with the valve body and valve body holes for axial movement.
Dang valve core in diagram location, a, BPT non communicates, valve mouth closed no oil liquid through; Dang valve core right moved a distance, pressure oil from p mouth into, by a, mouth output, piston right moved, back oil from b mouth into, by T2 back tank; Dang valve core left moved a distance, pressure oil from p mouth into, by b mouth output, piston left moved, back oil from a, mouth into, by T1 back tank. Move relative to the body of the valve core, change the oil flow direction, and change the direction of movement of the actuator