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Directional control valve knowledge

Directional control valves including solenoid valves, manually operated directional valves, electro-hydraulic directional control valves, four-way reversing valve, valve, pneumatic control valve, five-valve, two-way reversing valve. Manual valve is manually lever operated spool displacement control valve. In the hydraulic system, it controls the oil flow direction, to change the direction of movement of the actuator. Manually operated directional valve-slide valve positioned steel ball and spring return type two kinds of structures. -Steel ball was canceled when the handle external forces, relies on ball position of the valve core in the reverse position. Spring return type was cancelled when the handle external forces, spring-valve automatically returns to its original position. Solenoid valve electrical signal to change the flow direction control valve, it can be used for hydraulic system of unloading, order and circuit commutation. Solenoid valve is mainly used in engineering machinery, mining machinery, hoisting and conveying machinery and other machinery in the hydraulic system.