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Control valve common breakdown and processing methods

1.1 internal leakage due to the use of complex medium condition, two glass cases
(1) plug the leak causes a pipeline failed to purge and clean, rust residue leak caused by impurities particles such as rust damage seals, seals must be replaced. B If the improper operation of pressure, causing adsorbent powder flow erosion on the glue seals damaged seals. C meter pressure is less than 0.4Mpa cause the cylinder valve closed strictly leakage, due to increased pressure of 0.4Mpa~0.6Mpa within the scope of the implementing agencies.
(2) balancing cylinder leak cause "o"-ring is damaged, replace the "o"-ring.
1.2 external leakage leakage seldom happens to use in the field, can be based on the following general overhaul replace gasket.
(1) flange leaks. Damaged gasket needed replacement of the seals.
(2) stuffing box and valve stem leakage. V-ring wear, adjust grain compaction.
(3) leakage of cylinder, the cylinder head "o"-rings, top cover with copper, which deal with "o"-rings damaged cylinder and piston, replace the seal.
1.3 valve control 1 control valve stem nut man who had landed on their own, resulting in valve control, after checks found the man who had left valve is the cause of frequent switching process myself in circles, leading to a buckle to loosen nut. Rebuilding connections at the valve stem and valve core locks. 2 control valve does not move, check the solenoid valve not action. Check insurance is well within the Cabinet, the solenoid valve is good, measure no 24V solenoid valve voltage with a multimeter, check the wire cable from the solenoid valve connection wire off, then returns to normal. Through several of the valve repair and summarize some of valve repair experience:
(1) valve media flows to follow the "high low" principle or according to the arrow direction of the valve body installation. If media is a two-way flow, can be installed under field conditions.
(2) air valve should be used within the allowed temperature and pressure, and if the temperature is too high or too low, will make the original aging or becoming brittle, if beyond the scope of differential pressure, sealing material is crushed or unable to close the valve and cause the valve to leak or malfunction.
(3) the pneumatic valve, allowing only installed on a horizontal pipe, the gas above the actuator on the valve body and piping.
(4) in use stuffing on the thread in General does not require constant adjustments. Leak adjustments at a time is not too big, just adjusted to the leaks so far, but also to keep the local clean and, if necessary, free ammonia purge.
(5) the exposed parts of the stem, be aware of rust, rain cover must be installed to extend the service life of the valve.
(6) the usual use, valve cylinder, stuffing, balancing cylinder Assembly should put a little butter in order to prolong the "v" and "o"-ring life, overhaul recommended replacing sealing rings on the piston and cylinder filling balancing cylinder, add a small amount of butter.