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Common type of directional control valve and points for attention

Directional control valve common types are the following:
According to outlet points: two, three, four and five-way; by job location: two and three.
Control: pneumatic and electric control and direct-acting and pilot-operated;
According to the medium to be controlled: fluid and gas valves;
By function: normally closed and normally open, and that leak, the gas supply;
In terms of structure: the cut-off valves and slide valves;

When choosing a pneumatic directional control valve, the following points should be noted:
1. the valve thread interface: valve nominal diameter corresponding to the air inlet thread is not one by one, therefore, should pay attention to when choosing directional control valve interface threads.
2. valve mounting dimensions: reversing valve of the same model, the functional due to different manufacturers its outline and installation dimensions vary.
3directional movement is crisp, not a procrastinator.
4solenoid valves, especially the AC solenoid valve should pay attention to the insulation. To ensure the safety of the operator.
5the valve should be no leakage, leak within the smaller the better. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the system, and a waste of energy.
6pay attention to the date of manufacture of the valve, valve for far too long, the lubricating oil ages, affecting directional control valve work properly.